Parasite (R)

Written an directed by Bong Joon Ho, Parasite tells the story of a struggling family who con their way into the lives and home and onto the payroll of a rich family.

I’d heard nothing but good things about this film and after seeing it, now I know why. It satisfies the viewer in many ways. Visually, it is absolutely lovely, It makes many statements and touches on many themes. The story is far from predictable and has just enough twists so that it holds your interest without becoming (too) ridiculous or overly complicated. It’s got humor, drama, suspense, some gore and horror. It make statements about class, human nature – specifically character, politics, mental health, the takers of the world – people to whom you could never give enough, and much more, without becoming bloated or preachy. The fact that I thought there wasn’t one character to in this entire film to root for taught me a little something about myself after giving it more thought. Oh, and it will make you think. Parasite stays on the brain long after viewing. That is the mark of a masterpiece. Overall, it’s a nearly prefect little gem. Nearly.

The set up of the movie is awesome as you slowly begin to realize what is going on. Then it goes in directions one would never expect. All of this from doing something everyone does – “fudging” on a resume (Although, this “fudging” was much more elaborate than most. Let’s face it, this was an out-and-out lie). This film reminded me of why I never watch trailers! I don’t need any visual spoilers ruining my ride, man. I just sat back and enjoyed as Parasite reveals itself like an expertly, intricately wrapped gift. There really is a beauty to how it develops, builds and plays out. The resentment that existed between the “have-nots” and the “haves” is palpable and wonderfully executed. Each treated the other with little respect and/or harbored pure disdain. Each finds the other loathsome, but each needs the other. Bloody. Brilliant!

The thing is… Is it just me, or did anyone else notice the similarities between Act II and Dr. Seuss‘s The Cat in the Hat. It was raining, so everyone was inside. The parents were out/away. There is a visitor who should not be in the house let into the house. Chaos ensues. The parents are returning earlier than expected. There is a huge clean-up of a massive mess (except the family didn’t have the Cat’s cleaning machine and had to do it themselves). Mom and dad get home and know nothing about the shenanigans. Am I wrong? Do you see it? Okay. I thought it was just me…

That second act also reminded me of a story Louie Anderson told on Oprah after explaining how his siblings shamelessly leached off of him financially. The siblings were in the audience and Oprah asked one of them something like, ‘How much would be enough for him to give you?’ The brother replied with all sincerity, “He could never give me enough. 

These rich people (resentments aside) already had the entire family doing better financially than ever, and still, it wasn’t enough. But that’s the parasitic mentality for ya. If you’ve ever had a parasite in your life, as I unfortunately have, you know exactly what I mean.

Parasite earned 9 out of 10 bloops. I cannot shake that Cat in the Hat resemblance that came to mind immediately after watching so I cannot in good conscience give it all 10 bloops. Can someone please ask Bong has he ever read The Cat in the Hat? I don’t know. Could be a coincidence, could be not. Who’s to say? At any rate, Parasite is an exciting, entertaining and enjoyable film and a breath of fresh air in what was, honestly, a pretty “meh” year for cinema.


I have a lot of reviews that haven’t been posted, but I wanted this one (and a few more) up before the awards. I’m not invested in much this year, except I know Joaquin Phoenix better win for Best Actor. Best Picture, I’m pulling for JoJo Rabbit, but that’s a long shot.

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2   =   very bad, forget about it!
3   =   poor movie, not recommended
4   =   not good, even for free – NO!
5   =   so-so, worth it if you don’t have to pay
6   =   not bad, could have been better
7   =   good movie, worth seeing
8   =   great movie, don’t miss it!
9   =   excellent movie, a must see!
10 =   a masterpiece, go see it now!

What I’m seeing next…

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What I’m watching next

I’m too far behind to say.

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