Warcraft (PG-13)

It was my intention from the start of this blog not to review the sort of movie which dictates to people whether they will run back to pack theaters to see parts 2 through 27, or whatever.  Honestly, Warcraft is not my type of movie.  I’m not really into the fantasy genre (which capitalizes most often from franchises/sequels) as a rule, but of course there are exceptions (like Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), which I cannot rave enough about and absolutely loved, if you hadn’t heard).  People generally already have their minds made up as to whether they do or do not enjoy these types of movies.  I don’t believe anything I write will change their minds, and there is nothing exceptional about this one to report, so why waste everyone’s time?

What compelled me to see this movie is that I had no idea what I was about to watch. I did not know that it’s the first in a series based on the video game, World of Warcraft.  I have heard of the game, but never played nor laid eyes on one character from the game.  Ever.  I was not concerned about what was changed, added or left out from the game.

Watching the previews for Warcraft, the 3D looked like it was going to be pretty cool.  And it was.  As with most 3D movies, there are never enough 3D effects featured to satisfy me.  I want to see things coming at me constantly.  I want to be ducking in my seat with my forearm over my face.  That never gets old for me.  There was none of that here, but the effects were well executed and kept the movie much more interesting than it would have been without the 3D.  I won’t say the movie relied on the effects, but as someone who is not a fan, without the 3D I don’t think I could have made it through.

As for the story, it is what it is: mythical creatures, aliens, kingdoms, clans, flying beasts of all sorts, oversized – seemingly prehistoric animals, portals, hybrid species, love, deception, betrayal, war featuring primitive weapons and epic battles, several underdogs. There is really nothing new to see here, with the exception of some outstanding makeup and special effects. As a person who doesn’t generally watch fantasy franchises (The Hobbit, Harry Potter, Avatar, Star Wars, those pirate movies… and I mean, I’ve seen none of these.  Ever.), I enjoyed it.  I didn’t want to walk out, fall asleep, throw popcorn at the screen or demand my money back.

What I absolutely hated, as I always do, was the sequel set up. There will be a Part 2 (at least) to Warcraft as there were enough loose ends to quilt a blanket with at the end of this movie.  They could release another installment almost immediately (that is, if this installment does well enough financially at the box office),  just in case there was any doubt about Universal Picture’s intentions to develop a franchise.

I still will not rate Warcraft: The story is not original at all; you cannot tell who half the actors are for the makeup; actual “acting” becomes secondary to makeup and effects – so there really is no point.  I suppose it is the type of movie that isn’t really meant to be rated, just enjoyed.  Or not.  If you enjoy this genre, I think you should enjoy this movie.  If you generally do not enjoy this genre much, you may enjoy it for the effects, and it is something you should be able to get through with the kids if you must – at the very least.  So…  Enjoy!  Or don’t.

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