Miles Ahead


If you are a fan of Mr. Don Cheadle, Miles Davis or biopics, Miles Ahead is a must see. Even if you are not a fan of biopics (While conducting some research on the authenticity of the story, Cheadle calls this an anti-biopic, as the story is an at-least-partially imaginary tale of what might have happened), this movie offers a fresh take on the genre by not attempting to cover the life span of an artist or band, but rather, focusing on one wild episode in the artists life which is filled with cool, adventure, and is used as a springboard for flashbacks which explain how Miles became who he was at the time the action is taking place.  Miles Ahead mashes genres as part anti-biopic, part bro/dude-adventure movie, providing the perfect vehicle for Cheadle’s debut passion project (he co-wrote, (first time) directed and stars in the film).  He demonstrates that the flaws of the man (ego, pride, and all around stubbornness), while negatively impacting his career and personal life, were also necessary and important components of his inner strength.  This movie is oozing with Don Cheadle’s passion for this project in all the right ways, and I immediately revisited Mr. Davis’ catalog afterward.

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